Bonsai Instruction 2014

Class and Workshop Schedules

Classes at the studio are taught in an informal manner in a casual, relaxing setting. Students of all experience levels are welcome.
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Schedules subject to change
Red text = addition or change of date.

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An Introduction to Bonsai - 2014

For the Beginning Student

Students that are new to bonsai and those who need a refresher course.

This year we offer two types of classes:
Full Day Class
Two Half Day Classes
Both classes will deal with the fundamentals of successfully; growing, maintaining and styling your bonsai.
• Demonstration and hands-on experience with individual instruction to help students create their own bonsai.
• Full Day students will have a lunch break enjoying their own picnic lunch or a short hop to a nearby friendly farmer’s market to purchase their lunch.

Fee $150 includes instruction, use of bonsai tools plus all material: bonsai container, soil, wire and tree. At the end of the class students will receive a bonus Half Day coupon for an additional Workshop.
The full day class begins Saturdays, at 9am and runs through 4:30pm. Please bring your own lunch. Half day class begins Saturdays, from 9am to 12:30 pm Red= addition or change of date.

Full day session

Half day session - Part 1

Half Day session - Part 2

March 29

April 5

April 26
May 17
June 7
June 28

August 30

September 20

September 27
October 4
November 16

Open Workshops 2014

Weekend, Midweek and Afternoon Workshops are for those students who have already taken the Introduction to Bonsai Class or equivalent. It is a good opportunity to give needed attention to your bonsai.
ï Students may bring their bonsai for repotting, styling, grooming.
ï Bonsai material is available for sale to create new bonsai.
ï Instruction, guidance and assistance from Chase, Soli and the staff.

(Please call: 215 862 5925 or 215 499 9035 to reserve your time) Red= addition or change of date.

All Day Workshops - 9:30 am - 4:30 pm (Half day 9:00 am - 12:30 pm OR 1 pm - 4:30 pm)

January 25
May 7
August 27
February 8
May 14
September 17 Cancelled
March 15

May 18

September 20 (afternoon only)
March 19

May 28

September 24
March 22

June 7 (afternoon only)

September 27 (afternoon only)
March 26

June 11

October 8
April 5 (afternoon only)

June 15

November 5
April 6

June 25

November 19
April 9

June 28 (afternoon only)

November 22
April 16
July 9
April 19
July 12
April 26 (afternoon only)
July 23
April 30
July 26

ALL DAY OPEN WORKSHOPS......FEE $75.00 (full day) or $50.00 (half day)


Classes & Workshops - For the Continuing Student - 2014

CONTINUING CLASS/ WORKSHOPS.....9:30 am - 4:30 pm

The San José Project***

We are pleased to introduce an extended project with
30 year old San Jose junipers
• These wonderful trees were planted in 1972 by Chase.
• They are now well established in tubs and ready to become masterpieces.
• These San Jose’s are one of a kind and in limited supply.

This very special series will consist of six full day classes scheduled once a month.
Saturdays, April 12, June 21, July 19, September 6,
October 26 and ending November 15.

Trees will be prepared by a thorough cleaning of bark, trunk and branches.
Work will continue with pruning and wiring and carving and final styling of the bonsai. We finish with a critique and advice on container selection for repotting.

Guidance and instruction, 30 year old San Jose juniper, container, and soil are all included in the fee. Students bring their own tools, wire and lunch.
Fee $ 165 per class. Please contact Chase, 215 499 9035 for additional and complete information.

Space is limited!

Additional information, click here.

Spring and Fall Mini Series
Students will have the opportunity to work on three different species on three different days!

Spring species:
1. 20 year old Kingsville boxwoods, established in gallon pots ready to be styled. - April 13

2. Procumbens nana junipers, will be used to create a cascade style bonsai. - May 31

3. Azaleas in 3 gallon nursery pots will be styled into beautiful flowering trees. - June 14

Fall species:
1. Tropical tree - Ficus nerifolia will be used to create a Root-Over-Rock style.- September 7

2. Flowering Quince - A classic styled from two gallon training containers. - October 5

3. 10 year old field grown Yews -Carving & styling Yews to create a unique bonsai. - November 8

Spring Series Complete (3 sessions) - Fee: $ 375
Individual session fees:
Kingsville boxwood: $175
Cascade juniper: $125
Azalea: $125.

Additional information, click here

Fall Series Complete Fee: (3 sessions) - Fee: $ 385
Tropical Class: $160
Quince Class: $125
Carving Class: $155

Students may take the complete Spring and/or Fall Series.
Students may also take the classes individually.
Trees are in training containers ready to be styled.
Each class will start with a program on the care, maintenance and development of that species.
Students and instructors will dedicate the day creating and styling bonsai.
Please contact Chase, 215 499 9035 for additional information.

Bonsai for the Young
July 5

An experience for the young, ages 7 to 16 to learn, appreciate and care for a Bonsai.
Students will create and pot a bonsai to take home.
10 am to 12 m. - Fee: $ 45

2014 EVENTS - click here

** During workshops and Intermediate & advanced classes, basic tools available for loan.**

*** All supplies available at the Studio***

Three Day Bonsai Workshop with Francois Jeker
October 31, November 1-2 2014

This continues to be a favorite, successful and rewarding experience

An in-depth three-day workshop specializing in carving driftwood, not only for advanced students but for beginners as well.
Each morning starts with a talk on design followed by a demonstration on techniques. Students may bring their own tree or acquire one here at RBS and will then work applying the new techniques. There will be a break for lunch with the entire group enjoying lunch together.

Afternoons will be continued work on morning project.

Please contact Chase, 215 499 9035 for additional information.

Class size is limited!!

Fee: CALL.......9am to 4:30 pm

Limited enrollment