- Chase Rosade -
Profile of A Bonsai Artist, Lecturer. Teacher, Grower

Chase has always had enthusiasm for horticulture. He saw and worked with his first Bonsai in the mid 50's (he still has a Japanese Maple started from seed in 1958), and has a degree in Ornamental Horticulture from Delaware Valley College. In 1963/64 as a world traveler, Chase had the opportunity to apprentice Bonsai with Kyozo Yodshida of Nara, Japan for 11 months. After returning to the United States, he started teaching and lecturing on Bonsai as well as holding classes in the kitchen of his rented house. With the purchase of 10 acres in Bucks County, Pennsylvania in 1970, the Rosade Bonsai Studio opened its doors. In 1971 Chase was invited to be an exhibitor at the Philadelphia Flower and Garden show and has been a major exhibitor ever since. The studio's exhibit at the Philadelphia Flower Show is a favorite stop for many show goers.

Although activities at the studio occupy a great deal of time, Chase maintains an extensive teaching and lecture schedule. He has served as President and board member of many bonsai organizations while still having a little time for a home life which revolves around Bonsai

In the past years Chase has given programs for hundreds of Bonsai clubs on this continent. Among these are: the American Bonsai Society, Bonsai Clubs International, the MidWest Bonsai Alliance, the International Bonsai Arboretum, the Golden State Bonsai Federation, the California Bonsai Society, the MidAtlantic Bonsai Societies, the Latin American Bonsai Federation, the Toronto Bonsai Society, European Bonsai Federation and more. He has traveled the world with bonsai and has been a judge and major guest speaker at World and International Conventions. He has lectured in Europe, in Asia, in Australia, South America and North America. By the end of 2007, Chase will have participated in Conventions in Indonesia, New Zealand and India as a judge and demonstrator.

Bonsai is Chase’s life, he likes small and medium to large size bonsai in all styles and species. One might think he favors Pines, Junipers, Maples and Azaleas but he is quick to point out that his favorite tree is the one he is working on.

The standard for excellence has become a Rosade trademark.

Solita Rosade...."Bonsai Lady"

Solita D. Tafur Rosade was born in Cali, Colombia, South America but left Colombia at an early age to be educated in the USA, Spain and Switzerland. She returned to Colombia, married, raised two children and for 20 years was a teacher of French and English language and literature. Her love for nature and her previous hobby of painting and horticulture gave way to the fascinating world of bonsai in 1984, the art she now dedicates herself totally to since 1993.

She has studied and taken classes with many of the world's best known teachers. While in Colombia she not only maintained her personal collection but cared for a number of extensive collections, as well as teaching the art of bonsai to young and old. In 1990 she co-authored a bonsai manual in Spanish entitled "The Essential in Bonsai".

She has been a demonstrator/ lecture at Conventions in China, Colombia, England, Puerto Rico, Taiwan, Malaysia, Belgium, Indonesia, India and several conventions and seminars in the United States. In 2005, in the V World Bonsai Congress in Washington D.C., Solita was a headliner representing Latin America.

Solita has served in a number of bonsai positions and is past President of the Asociacion Vallecaucana de Bonsai. She currently serves as Chairman of the World Bonsai Friendship Federation (WBFF), is a Past President of Bonsai Clubs International (BCI). She is founding Chairman of the Latin American Bonsai Federation (FELAB) among other positions.

Presently, Solita helps her husband, Chase, in the day to day activities of Rosade Bonsai Studio in New Hope PA, USA. These activities range from helping students with design, working on new bonsai for sale, and giving classes and workshops. Solita's expertise with tropical material has added a new dimension to the Studio.

Chase and his wife, Solita give joint programs, both working on the same materials, and on the same topic.
Chase and Solita have appeared around the world teaching, demonstrating, and lecturing about bonsai.
Both have been featured artists at international conventions, regional conventions and seminars, as well as many clubs across the United States and the world.

If you should like information on joint program or other lecture/demo information, please email or call

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