Chase Rosade

 A professional bonsai artist, grower and teacher. Apprenticed Bonsai in Japan. In 1970 opened Rosade Bonsai Studio  in New Hope, PA.  Chase continues to educate, demonstrate, lecture, and create bonsai. 
His standard for excellence 
in bonsai has become a Chase Rosade trademark.

The Story of 'OLD JOSE'

In 1975 Chase planted several seedlings of San Jose Junipers in his field in Bucks County. The junipers have been succesfully collected throughout the years. This spring the largest of all was collected by Chase and Mauro as a team. Old José starts its training as a great bonsai.



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Goodbye to Harry Hirao

A true Bonsai Master.

A great friend.
Mr. California Juniper

The bonsai world will miss you Harry and
you will remain in our hearts.

Chase's first collecting trip was with
John and Harry in the early 70's.