Thank you Jim Brant

For almost 20 years Jim was the Web Master for 

 Jim sailed with us from the beginning of our site, from far and near, willing and guiding us. He sailed with us in good  times as well as through rough seas, always by our side without a single doubt. We could not have never done it without Jim!

There are no words to express our gratitude and admiration for his dedicated work, his knowledge, his skills and efficiency and very especially for his understaning and patience with us.

Thanks Jim, your continued friendship and support mean the world to us. 

                                                                                             Chase & Soli 

Chase Rosade

A professional bonsai artist, grower and teacher.  
Apprenticed Bonsai in Japan.

 In 1970 opened  Rosade Bonsai Studio in New Hope, PA 

Chase continues to educate, demonstrate, lecture, and create bonsai.
His standard for excellence in bonsai has become a Chase Rosade trademark.

News at Rosade Bonsai

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